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JAVAD ALIREZAIE B.Sc. Tehran, M.A.Sc, Ph.D. Wat., P.Eng. ENG452 • 416.979.5000 x556092
RESEARCH INTERESTS: biomedical signals and image processing, computer aided diagnosis, neural networks, pattern recognition, computer vision and modeling, bioinformatics and bioengineering.
DIMITRI ANDROUTSOS B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. ENG472 • 416.979.5000 x556104
RESEARCH INTERESTS: multimedia, image and video processing, 3D cinema and stereography.
ALAGAN ANPALAGAN B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., Tor., P.Eng. ENG447 • 416.979.5000 x556079
RESEARCH INTERESTS: radio resource management, radio access and networking, wireless cross layer design and optimization, green communication technologies, cognitive radios, cooperative communication, multicarrier spread spectrum communication, vehicular access networks.
MARCO ANTONIADES B.A.Sc. Wat., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Tor ENG453 • 416.979.5000 x556097
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Engineered electromagnetic materials (metamaterials/metasurfaces), electrically-small antennas, adaptive/reconfigurable antennas, RF/microwave circuits and devices, implantable/wearable antennas, microwave imaging, wireless power transfer, radio-frequency identification.
MOHAMMADREZA ARANI B.Sc. Sharif, M.Sc. Wat., Ph.D. Alberta ENG323 • 416.979.5000 x556109
RESEARCH INTERESTS: cyber-physical security of smart grids, microgrids dynamics and control, renewable and distributed generation, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, power system stability, and power electronics
EBRAHIM BAGHERI B.Sc., M.Sc. FUM, Ph.D. UNB, P.Eng. ENG316 • 416.979.5000 x557953
RESEARCH INTERESTS: software and knowledge engineering, semantic technologies, web mining, intelligent and adaptive systems, and business process modeling.
SOOSAN BEHESHTI B.A.Sc. IUT Isfahan, M.A.Sc., Ph.D. MIT, P.Eng. ENG425 • 416.979.5000 x554906
RESEARCH INTERESTS: signal and information processing, statistical signal processing, Information theory, data denoising, data compression, control, and system theory and modeling.
JOHN CHEN B.A.Sc. Ott. M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Wat., P.Eng. ENG458 • 416.979.5000 x556090
RESEARCH INTERESTS: control of robotics manipulators, numerical solution of optimal control problems.
RICHARD CHEUNG B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., Tor., P.Eng. ENG330 • 416.979.5000 x556112
RESEARCH INTERESTS: nuclear electricity generation and transmission, power system operations, power system protection and stability, power electronics, power engineering software, energy efficiency, power quality, substation communication.
OLIVIA DAS B.Sc., M.Sc. Calcutta, M.Sc., Ph.D. Carleton, P.Eng. ENG464 • 416.979.5000 x556114
RESEARCH INTERESTS: dependability and performance evaluation of distributed systems; software performance engineering; mathematical modeling using fault-trees, Markov models, Petri nets and layered queueing theory.
FAEZEH ENSAN B.Sc. Tehran, M.Sc. Mashhad, Ph.D. New Brunswick ENG324 • 416.979.5000 x554904
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Information Retrieval, knowledge engineering, semantics, and applications of data science in software engineering.
XAVIER FERNANDO B.Sc.Eng. Peradeniya, M.Sc. AIT Bangkok, Ph.D. Calgary, P. Eng. ENG437 • 416.979.5000 x556077
RESEARCH INTERESTS: signal processing for optical/wireless communication systems.
VADIM GEURKOV B.Sc., M.Sc. Tbilisi, Ph.D. Moscow, P.Eng. ENG430 • 416.979.5000 x556088
RESEARCH INTERESTS: built-in self-test and built-in self-repair in reconfigurable computing systems, digital and mixed-signal systems testing and testable design, self-diagnosis in microprocessor based measurement instruments, fault tolerance in digital and mixed-signal systems, error-control codes.
XIJIA GU M.Sc. Tor., Ph.D. Wat. EPH400C • 416.979.5000 x554151
RESEARCH INTERESTS: high-power fiber laser, fiber-optic devices, fiber-optic sensors.
LING GUAN B.Sc. Tianjin, M.Sc. Wat., Ph.D. B.C. ENG315 • 416.979.5000 x556072
RESEARCH INTERESTS: multimedia processing and communications, reality computing, image and video processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction, visual information mining, intelligent healthcare systems, smart living, e-heritage.
ALI HUSSEIN B.Sc. Alex., M.Sc., Ain Shams, Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng.
RESEARCH INTERESTS: measurement, characterization and modelling of fast transients (lightning, nuclear-generated high-altitude electromagnetic pulse and electrostatic discharge), signal de-noising techniques (Fourier and wavelets transforms).
MUHAMMAD JASEEMUDDIN NED Karachi, M.Sc. UT Arlington, Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. EPH406B • 416.979.5000 x556073
RESEARCH INTERESTS: IP networking, mobile wireless access network, IP routing, content distribution internetworking.
RASHA KASHEF PhD. Wat., PEng. ENG328 • 416.979.5000 x556484
RESEARCH INTERESTS: data science, machine learning, big data, IoT, smart systems, operation research, management science, healthcare, autonomous systems, distributed computing
MIKE KASSAM B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Tor., Dr.Univ. Miskolc, P.Eng. ENG470 • 416.979.5000 x556103
RESEARCH INTERESTS: non-invasive medical diagnostic techniques & instrumentation, biomedical sensors and transducers, real-time digital signal processing & embedded systems, SoC and advanced analog/digital circuit designs.
APRIL KHADEMI B.Eng., M.A.Sc. Ryerson, Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. ENG428 • 416.979.5000 x554037
RESEARCH INTERESTS: medical image analysis techniques for radiology and pathology images, generalized grayscale and colour image processing methodologies, biomedical signal processing, machine learning, personalized medicine, computer-aided diagnosis, bigdata analysis, MRI, digital pathology.
GUL KHAN B.E. UET, Lahore, M.Sc. Syracuse, Ph.D. London, P.Eng. ENG448 • 416.979.5000 x556084
RESEARCH INTERESTS: embedded systems, hardware/software codesign, MPSoC, NoC, heterogeneous computer systems, CPU-GPU and GPGPU systems, fault-tolerant systems, high performance computing, computer vision and multimedia systems.
NAIMUL KHAN B.A.Sc., BUET, M.Sc. Windsor, Ph.D. Ryerson, P.Eng. ENG438 • 416.979.5000 x556479
RESEARCH INTERESTS: machine learning, computer vision, augmented/virtual reality, medical imaging
LEV KIRISCHIAN M.Sc., Ph.D., Moscow, P.Eng. ENG432 • 416.979.5000 x556076
RESEARCH INTERESTS: task-adaptive reconfigurable computing systems, automated architectural synthesis of data-flow parallel computers and FPGA-based stream processors.
SRI KRISHNAN B.E. Anna, M.Sc., Ph.D., Calgary, P.Eng. ENG369 • 416.979.5000 x557548
RESEARCH INTERESTS: adaptive signal representation and analysis, biomedical signal/image analysis, multimedia information security, assistive technologies, affective computing, compressed sensing.
BOBBY MA B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., Wat., P.Eng.
RESEARCH INTERESTS: network security, internet protocols.
KRISTIINA VALTER MAI B.A.Sc. Wat., M.Sc., Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. ENG318 • 416.979.5000 x556085
RESEARCH INTERESTS: sustainability engineering, biomedical and rehabilitation engineering; human computer interaction.
NAGI MEKHIEL B.Sc. Assiut, M.A.Sc. Tor., Ph.D. McMaster, P.Eng. ENG446 • 416.979.5000 x557251
RESEARCH INTERESTS: computer architecture, parallel processing, high performance memory systems, advanced processors, VLSI, and performance evaluation of computer systems.
FARAH MOHAMMADI B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Tehran, Ph.D. IEMN, France, P.Eng. ENG461 • 416.979.5000 x556094
RESEARCH INTERESTS: advanced electro-thermal analysis of integrated circuits, development of electro-thermal test tools for IC's, microwave circuits CAD, applied electromagnetics, modeling of interconnects and packaging effects in high-speed circuits, advanced modeling and design methodologies for RF/microwave components.
REZA SAMAVI B.Sc. Amirkabir, M.Eng., Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. ENG457 • 416.979.5000 x554903
RESEARCH INTERESTS: information security, machine learning, trustworthy AI.
REZA SEDAGHAT B.Sc., M.Sc. Kassel, Ph.D. Hannover, P.Eng. ENG431 • 416.979.5000 x556083
RESEARCH INTERESTS: VLSI design, digital circuits & systems, testing & design for testability, FPGA, graph algorithms.
DAFNA SUSSMAN B.A.Sc. (HONS.) Tor., M.Sc. Wat., Ph.D. Tor. ENG317 • 416.979.5000 x553767
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), spectroscopy (MRS), oximetry, Phase-Contrast (PC-MRI), Image Registration; applications in obstetric medicine and fetal development.
ALI TAVALLAEI B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Western, P.Eng. ENG466 • 416.979.5000 x556078
RESEARCH INTERESTS: image guided cardiovascular interventions, medical imaging instrumentation, medical devices and systems, surgical robotics, assistive robotics, and mechatronics
KARTHI UMAPATHY B.E. Bharathiar, M.Phil. Hertfordshire, Ph.D. W. Ont., P.Eng. ENG459 • 416.979.5000 x557207
RESEARCH INTERESTS: biomedical signal and image analysis, time-frequency analysis, digital signal processing, cardiac electrophysiology, magnetic resonance imaging, feature extraction and pattern classification, audio signal processing.
VIRGILIO VALENTE B.Sc. York (UK), M.Sc. Aalborg, Ph.D. UCL ENG450 • 416.979.5000 xTBA
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Analog and mixed-signal ICs, Bioelectronics, Wireless biosensors, Biotelemetry, and Bio-MEMS.
BALA VENKATESH B.Eng. Madras, M.Eng., Ph.D. Anna, P.Eng. ENG320 • 416.979.5000 x552232
RESEARCH INTERESTS: power systems analysis and optimization specializing in fuzzy optimization applications to power systems.
DAVID XU M.Sc., Ph.D. Tsinghua, P.Eng. ENG333 • 416.979.5000 x556075
RESEARCH INTERESTS: power electronics, renewable energy, electric drives and machine designs.
TRUMAN YANG M.Sc. Jilin, Ph.D. Regina ENG435 • 416.979.5000 x554175
RESEARCH INTERESTS: role-based access control modeling, web security, information flow control and security in wireless sensor and mesh networks.
VICTOR YANG M.A.Sc., M.D.-Ph.D., Tor., P.Eng. EPH400L • 416.979.5000 x552143
RESEARCH INTERESTS: optical coherence tomography, optical topographical imaging, medical laser ablation, medical robotics, cranial and spinal surgical navigation.
AMIRNASER YAZDANI B.Sc., Sharif, M.Sc., Tehran, Ph.D., Tor., P.Eng. ENG326 • 416.979.5000 x556178
RESEARCH INTERESTS: modelling and control of high-power electronic converter systems, applications of power electronics in power systems, grid integration of electronically-interfaced distributed generation and energy storage systems, microgrids and active distribution systems, renewable energy systems.
ANDY YE B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Tor., P.Eng. ENG319 • 416.979.5000 x554901
RESEARCH INTERESTS: FPGA architectures, CAD tools for FPGAs, logic synthesis, and hardware implementation of computer graphics algorithms.
FEI YUAN B.Eng. Shangdong., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. Wat., P.Eng. ENG433 • 416.979.5000 x556100
RESEARCH INTERESTS: All-digital circuits and systems for mixed-mode signal processing, time-to-digital converters, digital-to-time converters, Nyquist and over-sampled delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters, channel equalization and clock and data recovery for parallel and serial data communications.
XIAO-PING ZHANG M.Sc., Ph.D. Tsinghua, P.Eng. ENG451 • 416.979.5000 x556686
RESEARCH INTERESTS: statistical signal processing and big data analytics, multimedia content analysis, sensor networks and IoT, machine learning/AI, and applications in bioinformatics, finance, and marketing.
LIAN ZHAO M.Sc. Wuhan, Ph.D. Wat., P.Eng. ENG434 • 416.979.5000 x556101
RESEARCH INTERESTS: wireless communications, centralized and distributed radio resource management; Green communication and computation, edge computing, IoT; Vehicular ad-hoc networks.
GOSHA ZYWNO M.Eng. Lodz, M.Eng. Tor., Ph.D. CU Glasgow, P.Eng. ENG463 • 416.979.5000 x556105
RESEARCH INTERESTS: engineering education.


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