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Command Replication

The ability to run a command on 1 or 1000 hosts at once greatly simplifies administration. No need to log on to individual host and make changes, edit a file, apply a patch, just select all the hosts you want to run on, drill into a host and pick the action to perform, then watch as MATtool repeats that command across all the selected hosts. The time savings are well worth it.

UNIX Configuration 

MATtool provides the tools necessary to configure and maintain UNIX systems. Task oriented user interfaces are provided for all the common UNIX configuration tasks.  Click here to see more about the UNIX configuration tools within MATtool.

Data Replication and Backups 

MATtool has a built-in data replication tool. Distribute data, files, updates to many hosts securely with the replication tool.  Click here to learn more about the data replication tool.

A backup solution is necessary in any computing infrastructure. MATtool has a backup tool with many of the features of backup tools costing $1000's. Online backup catalogs make restoring simple, just locate the host to restore, then locate the files and directories to restore.   Click here to learn more about the backup tool.


MATtool provides monitoring and alerting for many system parameters and services. Error and warning states are shown on the console, and optional emails, SNMP traps, and corrective actions can be run. During installation MATtool discovers the resources and services on a host and builds the appropriate monitoring configuration. Click here to learn more about what MATtool can monitor.