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Downloading MATtool

NOTE: The Mattool roll for Rocks is available from here.

Before downloading check that MATtool is available for your operating systems: 
  • Linux  (glibc)
  • Solaris 5.6 or higher (SPARC)
  • Solaris 5.7 of higher (Intel)
  • HPUX 10.20, 11
  • IRIX 6.2 or higher
  • Windows 95, NT, 2000 (for the Console only)

Additional Requirements

  • The machines running the console require Tcl/TK 8.3 or higher.  Visit Sourceforge to download the latest version.  Most Linux distributions have it.
  • Machines running the MAT agent require Perl 5.x for the post-modification scripts. These are for site-specific scripts. The default ones provided were written in Perl. The absence of Perl will not stop MATtool from functioning.

Multi-Host Commands:

In order to run commands across many hosts at the same time a command relay has to be designated.  After installing MATtool on the hosts, from the console designate one host as the command relay by going to the host properties, and selecting it. 


First select a download type.  The type of download depends on whether this is an initial install or an upgrade.  MAT can upgraded from the console without having to log into every host.

This download is for those who are installing MAT for the first time, or who are installing on a system that has never been installed with MAT.  It includes the console, and agent files.  It does not include the upgrade files.

It is possible to upgrade the MAT hosts from the console.  This makes upgrading to the latest version simple.  You will need to download the new console, and the upgrade package for the OS's you are running.  After installing the console on one host it can push the upgrades out to all the MAT hosts.

Select one from above.


MATtool is free on single host installations, and for educational institute use. For all others it is shareware.  Contact sblack@ee.ryerson.ca for licensing information.