Secure Access


Users wishing to access their academic account from outside the departmental network must use a SSH (secure shell) client. ssh allows secure terminal connections and file transfer between networked computers by encrypting all network traffic between a client and host preventing network "snoopers" from intercepting passwords which travel as plain-text when telnet, and ftp are used. Below, are SSH clients for various operating systems and installation guides.


  • BitVise SSH: SSH Terminal client and SFTP client for Windows. Installation Guide. This client can also be used as an ftp-sftp bridge to allow Windows based software to ftp through a secure connection to the department.

Mac OS X

SSH is available by default on the Mac via the Terminal application. There are several graphical clients that support SFTP (Secure File Transfer) :

  • Cyberduck: graphical FTP and SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) browser.
  • MacFusion: download and install MacFusion (OS X 10.5 or higher) and MacFUSE to get the sftp integration in the Finder.
  • Fugu: graphical frontend to Secure File Transfer (SFTP).