Embedded Computer Systems
Graduate: M.Eng/M.A.Sc/PhD
Lecture: VIC302                Lab: Virtual/ENG408
Gul N. Khan

  Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

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Hardware-Software Codesign
Hardware Software Codesign-Overview
Computer-Aided Hardware Software Codesign
Hardware Software Codesign of Embedded Systems
HPEC: Original Architecture
HPEC: Hardware Software Codesign
Automatic Endoscope Paper

ARM Cortex-M3 Labs and RTX (RTOS) related Documents
Keil RTX with CMSIS Support Information
ARM Cortex M3 Board  MCB1700 User Guide
Cortex-M3 Lab by ARM and Keil
Keil RTX (RTOS) Full Documentation by Keil
Keil RTX Note by Keil
Cortex-M3 Instruction Set
Cortex-M3 Technical Reference Manual
Cortex-M3 NXP LPC 17XX User Manual

SystemC Resources
System Level Design Using the SystemC Modeling Platform
Open SystemC Initiative
SystemC White Paper
Synthesizable SystemC (Subset) Specs.
SystemC User's Guide

SystemC Functional Specification
SystemC v2.1 Features
SystemC v2.1 Overview
Early HW/SW Integratin and SystemC
Transaction Level Modeling
Using SystemC for bus-based Modeling Slides
SystemC Installation

JPEG/MPEG Compression Overview Papers and Reports
JPEG Compression  -Overview
MPEG Coding -Standards
MPEG Block Matching Info for projects

Soft Core Processors
Nios II Embedded Processor Reference Manual
Nios II Programming Manual
MIPS32 4K Processor
ARM-Processor Architecture Overview
ARM-Processor Cores
MicroBlaze_Data Sheet

Real-time Scheduling Resources
Real-time Scheduling for Embedded Systems
Fault-Tolerant Real-time Scheduling
A Practical_Introduction_to Real-time Systems
Priority Inversion and MARS Rover Pathfinder

Fault-Tolerant Computing: Overview Papers
Software-Hardware Fault-tolerance Architectures
Fault-tolerance and Reliability

Embedded System on Programmable Chips
DE2-115 User Manual
Intel-Altera Cyclone-IV Introduction
Cyclone-IV Handbook
Avalon BUS Spec Reference Manual

SoPC Builder
Stratix FPGA Family Overview
Xilinx Virtex-II Data Sheet

NOC: Network on Chip and SOC: System on Chip
NOC Survey Article
NOC Architectures

Other Co-specification Languages

uCLinux and Nios-II
uc_Linux CDK User Guide
Nios-2 Forums and Resources-FPGA-Wiki