Academic Awards Ceremony

On November 10, 2004, the Departmental Academic Awards Ceremony was held at ENG103, the auditorium in the CCE building. About 50 undergraduate awards (worth approximately $225,000) were announced in addition to entrance scholarships, in-program scholarships and the Dean's list. There were 20 more graduate and research awards from federal, provincial and private organizations (worth approximately $230,000).

Dr. Xavier Fernando, Chair of the Awards Committee inaugurated the ceremony that was attended by about 170 people including Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, Dr. Stalin Boctor; Associate Dean for Research, Steven Liss; Director of Development of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Ms. Gina Rosen and Director of Student Services at Ryerson University, Ms. Marion Creery.

The audience also included the following noteworthy donors, representatives from donor organizations and visitors from industry:

  • Mr. Stephen Pumple, Chairman and CEO, AZCAR Technologies;
  • Mr. Wai Ing, Student Branch Councillor, IEEE-Toronto Section;
  • Mr. Andrew Clark and Mrs. Edna Clark;
  • Ms. Phyllis Platnick and Ms. Marilyn Glass-Platnick;
  • Mr. Aditya Jha, Founder and CEO, Osellus Incorporated;
  • Ms. Brenda Caplan and Ms. Catherine Karakatsanis, Professional Engineers Foundation for Education, and;
  • Mr. Gus Sarrouh, Vice President of NORR Limited, Architects & Engineers, Ingenium Group.

Awards and Scholarships are decided on the basis of grade point scores, or where applicable, a combination of grade point scores and unique criteria pertaining to the particular award.

Ms. Caplan and Ms. Karakatsanis from the PEO Foundation for Education were very impressed with the venue and the organization of the event, the caliber of award winners, and particularly the fact that so many of them were women! The parents of Aileen Clark-Lambie were also very appreciative and particularly thankful of Yvonne Cordwell's thoughtful hospitality. They had an enjoyable chat with the award winners and being present at the awards ceremony had personal significance for them.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that helped, in numerous, ways to make this event a success, especially, Dr. Sri Krishnan for his constant support; Drs. Mike Kassam, Richard Cheung, Olivia Das and Adnan Kabbani for their contribution to the Awards Committee; Ms. Yvonne Cordwell for all the administrative work; Drs. Mehmet Zeytinoglu, Chris Stoute, Fei Yuan, Juri Silmberg, Gosha Zywno and Alagan Anpalagan for being on the stage; Ms. Mary Mack and Ms. Marta Toste; Nippin Malhotra for the photographs; Litifa Noor, Ryan Caldwell, Stephen Pinter and Arul Mayilavelan for their help. Special thanks for Samsher Sidhu for his strong involvement and for video taping the ceremony.


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