We're Moving

The University has indicated that the department must vacate the first and second floors of Eric Palin Hall by September 3rd, 2004. The new Centre for Computing and Engineering, will be ready for occupancy on September 3rd, and will house the Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and the Electrical and Computer Engineering departments. Phase 2 of the move (remaining labs, staff and faculty offices) begins August 5th and continues until September.


Aug. 21Faculty office phones were moved to the ENG building.
Aug. 23Technical staff offices continue moving. All faculty offices that were completely packed as of 10:00am Saturday will have computers and contents moved. Faculty not finished packing should finish packing by 5:00pm. Keys for the new office could be collected from EPH 200B beginning 1:00pm. It is recommended you return all your EPH room keys in the same time. There is a signing procedure associated with the pick-up of the new key.
Aug. 24The balance of offices not moved on Monday will have computers and contents moved.
Aug. 25Server room will be shutdown.
Aug. 26Front office will be operational in ENG.
  1. All faculty offices will be moved to the ENG building from Aug. 23 to 25. Please have the contents packed by 8:00am Aug. 23.
  2. Ensure all boxes are labeled (see instructions, below); un-labeled boxes will not be moved;
  3. Computers, monitors and printers will be prepared for moving by staff;
  4. Office telephones will be labled and picked-up separately by staff. Everyone will keep their old phone extensions and handsets will be moved to the new office.


Network services will be offline when the server-room is relocated on Aug. 25th. This move will take approximately 2 - 3 days and will disrupt access to the undergraduate network, including internet access, home-directories, printing, email, web-services, etc. The graduate research network will not be affected.