Dependable Adaptive Systems (DAS) Group

Location: EPH 408

Current Members

  • Dr. Olivia Das (Group Director)
  • Hina Tariq (Ph. D.)
  • Marzieh Ranjbar Pirbasti (Ph. D.)


  • Marzieh Ranjbar Pirbasti (M. A. Sc., 2019)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title: Modeling Multi-site Computation Offloading in Unreliable Cloud Environments
  • Jeanne Alcantara (M. Eng., 2019)
    • M. Eng. Project title:  Performance Evaluation of a Big Data Application on Apache Spark
  • Yasir Shoaib (Ph. D., 2019)
    • Ph. D. Thesis title: Performance-Oriented VM Provisioning in Clouds
  • Risavarshni Thevakumaran (DRF-URE Research Assistant, Summer 2018)
  • Ismail Sheikh (M. A. Sc., 2018)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title: The Effect of Parallel Execution on Multi-Site Computation Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Ghazal Zamani (M. A. Sc., 2017)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title: The Effects Of A Fault Management Architecture On The Performance Of A Cloud Based Application
  • Praneeth Sakhamuri (M. A. Sc., 2016)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Deployment Of Virtual Machines For Tiered Applications in Cloud Systems With Optimized Resource Allocation based On Availability SLAs
  • Dayle Chettiar (M. Eng., 2015)
    • M. Eng. Project title:  Performance Modelling Of Multi-tier Cloud Applications Using Simpy

  • Rashid Khogali (M. A. Sc., 2013)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Dynamic Speed Scaling Algorithms That Minimize The Financial Cost Of Energy And Response Time In Heterogeneous Parallel
  • Ricardo Paharsingh (M. A. Sc., 2012)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Availability Modeling Of Computing Systems With Virtual Architectures
  • Senthuran Sivasothy (Ph. D., co-supervision, 2012)
    • Ph. D. Thesis title: Throughput Analysis of Opportunistic Channel Access Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Yasir Shoaib (M. A. Sc., 2011)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Performance Measurement And Analytic Modeling Of A Web Application
  • Graham Cheng (M. Eng., 2011)
    • M. Eng. Project Title:  Performance Modeling Of The Specjappserver Business Case Using Lqn Templates
  • Sanaz Hafezian Razavi (M. A. Sc., 2009)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Evaluating security measures of a layered system
  • Swapan Sikdar (M. A. Sc., 2009)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Deriving Pertinent Systems Requirements - A Methodology
  • Meharoon Shaikh (M. A. Sc., co-supervision, 2009)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title:  Inter-vehicle position estimation for NLOS condition in the GPS outages
  • Gurvinder Bains (M. Eng., 2008)
    • M. Eng. Project Title:  Importance Analysis Of Fault Trees By Visual Inspection
  • Jigar Patel (M. A. Sc., 2007)
    • M. A. Sc. Thesis title: Effects Of Software Aging And Rejuvenation On Performability Of Layered Distributed Systems
  • Wael Louis (NSERC USRA, Summer 2006)