Embedded Systems Design
COE 718
B.Eng. 4th Year
Lecture: DSQ03                  Lab: ENG408
Gul N. Khan

  Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

COE 718: Embedded Systems Design


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 This course will cover the basics of embedded system organization, system on programmable-chip technologies and real-time systems. It provides the advance knowledge required for embedded computer design and development as well as real-time operating systems. Students are introduced to software development concepts applicable to real-time and embedded systems. Particularly ARM Cortex M3 will be studied as a representative embedded processor and embedded software development is carried out for ARM Cortex CPUs. The students will be able to grasp the main principles of embedded system design and understand the concept of hardware-software design, system on programmable chip (SoPC), real-time operating systems and scheduling techniques. Embedded system co-specification and partitioning is also introduced in the course. SystemC or other languages (e.g. UML) can be employed to present a unified view of the embedded systems. SystemC is introduced as a representative Co-specification language. Embedded hardware-software design and development tools (e.g. uVision, Quartus II and SOPC builder) are used in the course project. 

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 Text Book
 Fundamental of Embedded Software with the ARM Cortex M3, 2nd Edition, Daniel W. Lewis, Pearson 2013,
      ISBN 978-0-13-291654-7 

  Reference Books
 1. M. Wolf, Computer as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design, 4th edition
     Morgan Kaufmann- Elsevier Publishers  2016, ISBN:  978-0-12-805387-4
 2. Real-time Systems & Programming Languages, Alan Burns & A. Wellings, Addison-Wesley 2001, ISBN 0 201 72988 1

 The instructor will identify some relevant articles from professional magazines. 

  Dr. Gul N. Khan, Professor - Computer Engineering 
  Consultation: Tuesday 2:00-3:00PM or by Appointment, Office: ENG448
  E-mail:   URL: 

  Lab Instructors/Supervisors:   
       1. Yoga Suhas Kuruba Manjunath,  e-mail:,   Lab Sections 3, 5 and 6
       2. Wenhao Wu, e-mail:,    Lab Sections   2, 4 and 8
       3. Artin Majd, e-mail:,    Lab Sections   1 and 7  

  LABS Venue: ENG408 

 Course Evaluation and Marking Scheme
        Labs: 20%
        Project: 15% 
        Midterm Exam:  25% (October 25, 2023)
        Final Exam:  40% 

 Please Note:
   1. There is 5% per day penalty for late submission of the labs and project
   2. All of the required course specific written reports including labs, projects and assignments will be assessed not only on their technical or academic merit, but also on the communication skills of the author as exhibited through these reports.
3. Midterm exam will also cover the corresponding laboratories to enforce individual lab attempts.

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