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This Olde House

Eric Palin Hall: Before and After

A recent return trip to Eric Palin Hall (EPH), home to the Electrical Engineering Department for 36 years, revealed the renovations that the building underwent within a year of the Department moving to the Centre for Computing and Engineering (CCE) in August 2004.

The dimly-lit corridors painted in depressing colours are now bright and welcoming; the locker-bays have been converted to cozy lounges and most all of the undergraduate labs have been converted into classrooms— one lab was converted into an administrative office, another into a research lab and a third into a drafting lab.

The Department still has facilities in EPH, including two research laboratories and telecommunications room that connects the researchers, via a fibre-link, to the network in the CCE.

photo 0 photo 1 photo 10 photo 3
The first two photos are views of the corridors in the basement of Eric Palin Hall;
the third photo is a view of a second-floor south-corridor and finally a photo of the coffee kiosk.
photo 15 photo 13
This pair of photos show the before and after of EPH 225. The photo
on the left shows the DSP lab in 2004, while the second photo
taken from the same location shows the transformation of the lab
into a classroom.
photo 14 photo 11
Another pair of photos showing the before and after of EPH 229.
The photo on the left shows the Microprocessors lab in 2004, while
the second photo shows the classroom today.
photo 18 photo 19 photo 12
The first pair of photos shows the locker bays in the process of being removed in April 2004;
the final photo shows the lounges that have replaced the bays.
photo 17 photo 6 photo 16
This trio of photos shows, first, the old EE front-office, viewed from the counter, in the
process of being packed just prior to the move; the middle photo shows the Department
of Social Work office replacing it today and finally, the Departmental office in the CCE
(prior to being renovated).
Photos and commentary: Luis Fernandes (except for the 2004 photos of EPH 225 and 229 which were taken by the Move Co-ordinator).