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Photo Credit: Jason Naughton.

"Toronto Area Transmission System Expansion- Modeling Toronto Transmission System", Saeid Biglary Makvand

"Automatic Identification of Digital Video based on Shot-level Sequence Matching", Maryam N. Arani

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"Modular Energy Storage Systems Using Lithium Batteries", Hong Xi Li

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"Reconstruction of Genetic Regulatory Networks based on an Hybrid-Controlled Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm and its Applications", Roozbeh Manshaei

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"Trajectory Analysis on Spherical Self-Organizing Maps with Application to Gesture Recognition", Artur Oliva Gonsales

"BGP Fault Detection and Recovery Tool", Khalid Abdel Hafeez

"A New Hexagon Eye-Opening Monitor For Multi-Gbps Data Links", Alaa Al-Taee

"BGP Fault Detection and Recovery Tool"

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