VM Reference Card v1.6.0

VM, developed by Kyle Jones, is a mail reader for Emacs.

The reference card is for VM 6.77 and beyond; it is written in TeX and generates a one page (double sided) 3 column card that can be accordion folded for easy reference.

Older (pre-6.77) refcard (TeX, PS & PDF compressed tarball)

My .vm configuration file

VM procmail FAQ

VM procmail FAQ

VM Toolbar Icons v1.0 for Emacs 21

Toolbar icons for VM. These 24x24 XPMs are in the same style as the icons that ship with Emacs 21. Some of the icons in the distro are the ones which ship with Emacs 21 and others are new.

To install these icons, cd into the emacs installation directory where vm looks for its icons (/usr/local/share/emacs/21.1/etc/vm) and untar the file:
tar zxvf vm-toolbar-icons-1.0.tar.gz

(Make a back-up of the directory contents, just in case.)

Note:If, in the course of using VM, any icons appear to be missing (you see a blank space where the icon should be), look in the *Messages* buffer for the error message about the missing icon and email me the name so I can create a replacement.

These icons have been tested with Emacs 21.0.106 and VM 6.97.

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