For your amusement

2001: A Space Odyssey: HAL; instructions for the zero-gravity toilet; etc.
Bloom County parody of Bill G. (992x736 256-colour GIF)
List of links: An antidote for boredom.

For your edification

The Abacus: Learn to count using the abacus.
Hacker's Wisdom: So you want to be a hacker, eh? FAQ

For your use (X software)

xmotd: A message-of-the-day browser (1.13beta).
xabacus: The predecessor of the Java abacus (1.0) (my first X program).
xsecure: A transparent screen-locker for X (2.1).
xaudio: Audio control tool for SunOS4.1.x.

For the record (the evolution of my home-page...)

...until Feb 24, 1996 (profoundly verbose; somewhat biographical and cerebral) aborted experiment in minimalism Mar 28, 1996 (shades of Nietzche)
(Decaf browser, huh?)
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