Save your memories— make a picture-frame using SIMMs

Memories are made of this.
—Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr, and Frank Miller



Glue the 4 narrow SIMMs to form a square frame with the chips on each SIMM on the same side of the frame. The chips will be used to hold the picture and the backing in place, behind the frame.
Glue the larger SIMM to the base of the frame using a small box or other object support the back of the frame and to maintain the correct angle and a heavier object at the front to keep the frame from sliding away.
Place the overhead transparency on the frame and using the marker, mark the corners to fit "inside" the chips on the back of the SIMMS. Cut the overhead transparency along the marks --this piece protects the front of the photo, and glue it to the SIMM using a few dabs (one in each corner of the frame) of Super Glue.
Cut another piece of overhead transparency, but slightly larger than the previous piece along the vertical direction. Glue the second piece to the chips along the bottom of the frame leaving the sides and top unglued. This is the backing piece that will hold the photo in place.
Cut a photograph to size and slip it between the two pieces of overhead transparency.

You are free to do what you will with this idea except claim it as yours as I'm pretty sure no one has done this before me. You can also use 2x72pin SIMMS and 2x30 pin SIMMS for rectangular frames.

luis fernandes,

Originally created: 09/11/2003
Last modified: Sun Sep 14 11:49:27 2003