HAL Audio


8kHz mu-law encoded Sun audio clips of HAL.

floyd reading zero-gravity toilet instructions

Instructions for using the Zero Gravity Toilet

Instructions for the zero gravity toilet; the only intentional joke in the movie.



"2001" in 2001

During the first week of 2001, various newspaper cartoonists paid homage to the movie. I collected all the ones I encountered.

fisher cartoon
2001 cinema redux

Cinema Redux

Brendan Dawes' Cinema Redux explores the idea of distilling a film down to one single image by sampling the movie every second and generating an 8 x 6 pixel image of the frame at that moment in time, with each row representing one minute of film time.

Desktop Wallpaper

These are 1280x854 screen-captures from the DVD, suitable for use as desktop wallpaper. If there's a particular scene you want, please email me.

orion station moon orion cockpit shuttle moon astronauts clavius lander moon clavius landing discovery pod discovery cockpit moonlander cockpit moon shuttle cockpit hotel monolith monolith sun

2001 LP Record

A friend of mine, who owns this record, bought it at a local Goodwill store.

2001 LP record front 2001 LP record back 2001 LP record open 2001 LP record

“2001” Links

The movie premiered on April 2, 1968, at the Uptown Theater in Washington, DC.

Typography in 2001
All the fonts used in the movie.
2001 in the Theaters (Archived)
Information about the 70mm Cinerama theatrical release of 2001 around the world, including newspaper adverts.
HAL's Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality (Archived)
A book with various essays about the future of computing and the feasibility of a computer with HAL's capabilities existing in the our future. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke.
Underman's 2001
An extended look at one of the most celebrated SF films ever released.
2001: exhibit.org
In December 1999, the San Mateo Public Library in California mounted an exhibition about "2001".
Digital Canvas 3D
Computer-generate models of the Discovery, the EVA pod and the space-station rendered with LightWave (follow the "Gallery" link). Poole
2001: A Lego Odyssey
A homage to Kubrick's "2001"— except it is about, and is made with Lego!
"2001" Explained
Vaious themes in the movie are explained using Flash animation.
2001-themed icons to customize your Mac.
Pink Floyd and 2001
You can play Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in perfect visual sync with the "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" segment. eva pod
EVA Pod Model
Model kits of the EVA pod, or complete plans for scratch-building.
2001 Analog Watch
Movie prop commissioned by Kubrick for the movie.
Custom LEGO Discovery Model
A 6 foot long model of the Discovery constructed with more than 3800 pieces, includes miniature EVA pods.
Affordable HAL 9000 Replica
DIY HAL 9000 replica made from a big red button and an Arduino board.
Weirdest Adaptation of 2001
A scifi comic by Jack Kirby from 1976.
Shuttle model purchased by the Academy
One of the few movie props that survived Kubrick's orders that everything be destroyed.