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  ELE 648: Real Time Operating System
 This course covers the basics of operating system. The course provides the knowledge required for understanding operating system technology, processes, threads, concurrency, memory management and real-time scheduling. The students will be able to grasp the main principles of Operating Systems and understand the concept of real-time operating systems.

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 Text Book
 William Stallings, Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles, 4th Edition, 2001
  Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, NJ, ISBN 0-13-031999-6 

 Course Evaluation and Marking Scheme

  • Labs: 20% 
  • Mid-Term Tests(2): 30% 
  • Final Exam: 50% 
  • Assignments/Problem sets: NOT marked
 Please Note:
    1. All of the required course specific written reports including labs and assignments will be assessed not only on their technical or academic merit, but also on the communication skills of the author as exhibited through these reports.
    2. In order to achieve a passing grade in the course, the student must pass both the theory and laboratory components. 
    3. Midterm tests will also cover the corresponding laboratories to enforce individual lab attempts.
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