Computer Organization and Architecture
COE 608
B.Eng. 3rd Year
Lecture: VIC 501                   Lab: ENG408
Gul N. Khan

  Electrical and Computer Engineering

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 Q1: For the midterm and final exam, do we need to use the MIPS green reference card that came with            the book?
       Yes, you can bring your own green MIPS CPU reference card or we will provide you a copy of it.
 Q2: I was wondering if we are going to be asked to write a very complex VHDL code such as something like the mixed 
example "multiplier" that includes
different inputs, etc.

        No, Please also see the Sample midterm exam and your Midterm exam will be of the same style.

Q3: Can you please post the sections/chapters from the text book corresponding to the material Midterm or Final exam.

For specific topics from the book, we have covered most of the Chapters (Chap 1, 2 & 3 for midterm exam).
Some of the lecture materials (e.g. part of lecture-4 and whole lecture-6) are not from the text book.
We suggest you to study from the lecture notes and use the book for understanding/details of topics covered in the lectures.
Midterm or final exam questions will be from the topics covered in the lectures.
We also suggest you to try problem sets (e.g. Problem sets 1 & 2) as well as Sample Midterm/Final exam questions
     We solved large number of problems and questions in the class and I have also posted solutions for those we were not able
to do in the class.
There may also be some short questions from lab's material. If you have done the labs yourself, you don't
need any preparation for this.