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SARS Information for Ryerson students, staff and faculty

March 26, 2003

As has been reported in the media, a number of people in Toronto have contracted Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The Toronto Public Health Office has taken a series of actions to manage the situation.

At the direction of the Toronto Public Health Office, seven students from Ryerson University and ten from Centennial College in the collaborative nursing program are following the 10-day quarantine procedure for hospital workers. The students had been in placement at two Toronto hospitals. Another student who was in hospital unrelated to school activities has also been quarantined. None of these students has shown any signs of SARS.

All of the quarantined students live off-campus, and have been advised of precautions to follow by Toronto Public Health.

A student in one of our Continuing Education nursing classes in Oshawa has, subsequent to the class, developed SARS symptoms. Ryerson notified Toronto Public Health, and the instructors and all students in that class are being made aware of the situation. Toronto Public Health has made the determination that since the student was not symptomatic while in class, no further action is required for the students or instructors at this time.

The School of Nursing and the Health Centre are in regular contact with Toronto Public Health and are monitoring the situation in order to keep students, faculty and staff informed.

If you have any questions about SARS or its symptoms, Toronto Public Health has established an information hotline at 416-338-7600. Or you may go to their website at www.city.toronto.on.ca/health/pneumonia_report.htm

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