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2003 Ontario Engineering Competition Awards

The 2003 Ontario Engineering Competition was held on the weekend of January 31st at the University of Western Ontario. Participating in the Entrepreneurial Design competition were Emiljian Mirceski (2nd year Computer Engineering) and Gabriella Etcheverry (1st year Aerospace).

Emiljian Mirceski placed third overall, and won the Technical Excellence Award for the second year in a row, for his project on USB Key Cryptography. This award, given by the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering, is not won every year but only in cases of exceptional merit.

Ms. Etcheverry has since been approached by Volkswagen to continue development of her concept for a new impact-resistant automobile door.

The 1st Year Design Team of Michael Hall, Derek Ng, Paolo Auciello, and Shane Harris (1st year Electrical) were congratulated for having the best presentation.

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