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CITO Research Award

From: Dr. Stal Boctor, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Ryerson University
Subject: Significant Research Funding Awards
Date: Apr. 3, 2003

It is with great pleasure and pride that I inform you about two significant research funding awards won by two research teams in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. One team is led by Dr. Sridhar Krishnan of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and the other team is lead by Dr. William Whelan of the Math, Physics and Computer Science Department. Both of these awards were publicly announced this week.

The Communication and Information Technology Ontario (CITO), one of Ontario Centres of Excellence, announced that Dr. Sridhar Krishnan (Principle Investigator) has won a $219,2000 research grant (2003-2005), to conduct research on, "Arterial Pulse Analysis System for Monitoring Hypertension and Stress".

This award consists of $148,200 cash, and $71,000 equipment funding. To my knowledge, this is the largest CITO research award to a Ryerson faculty member.

Winning these important and substantial research awards, in two extremely tough competitions among faculty researchers from many large Canadian Universities, to conduct research in such societally relevant and important fields, is a testimony to the high level of excellence and maturity that Ryerson's faculty members have attained. This is more striking considering the fact that Ryerson University does not have a Medical school.

Adapted from an announcement from the Dean's Office.
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