The judging committee consisting of faculty members will select the top 10% best posters based on (i) quality of the research and (ii) quality of the poster presentation.

A prize and a certificate will be awarded to the winners at the conclusion of the Graduate Research Symposium.


Photo gallery of the award winners.

The best poster award winners:

  1. Ning Zhu, "A Novel Integrated AC Choke for Common-Mode Voltage Mitigation in Power Converter Systems"
  2. Jiacheng (Jason) Wang, "High-power multimodular matrix converters and modulation"
  3. Miteshkumar Popat, "Current Source Converter based Offshore Wind Farm- Configuration and Control"
  4. Victor Dumitriu, "A Framework for Adaptive Stream Processing Systems Based on the Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration of FPGA Devices"
  5. Anping Hu, "DC-link Current Balancing and Ripple Reduction for Direct Parallel Current-Source Converters"
  6. Xiongliang Lai, "Low-Power Self-Tuning Transformer Matching Techniques for Power Harvest of Wireless Passive Microsystems"
  7. Yushi Zhou, "Programmable Charge-Domain Radio-Frequency Front-End For Software-Defined Radio"
  8. Xiaoming Nan, "Optimal Resource Allocation for Multimedia Cloud Computing"
  9. Adrian Bulzacki, "Anchored Skeleton Dynamic Gesture Recognition with Random Trees"
  10. (tie) Helia Mohammadi, "iFAST- A Fire Emergency Assessment Fuzzy Expert System"
  11. (tie) C. Opathella, "Intelligent Wind Generator Models for Power Flow Studies in PSS®E and PSS®SICNL"