Wireless Plug-in Electric Vehicle Manager

Jovan Filipovic, Shahram Aryanpour, Filip Topalovski
supervised by Dr. Xavier Fernando

The objective of this project is to develop a wireless PEV (plug-in electric vehicle) manager to harvest data from the PEV's CAN (controller area network) bus and wirelessly transmit it, where after processing and analysis it can be displayed graphically to the end user. The main notion of the PEV manager is to collect data concerning performance to develop an optional charging management system that will help balance cost, efficiency, and load of the smart electrical grid. To understand the performance characteristics of the plug-in electric vehicle numerous variables and factors need to be considered.

Data collection will be conducted in real time during various driving conditions to produce the best model of performance characteristics. The PEV management system will poll data from devices on the controller area network bus such as ECU (engine control unit), OBD(on-board diagnostics) unit, PCM (powertrain control module), ABS (anti-lock breaking system), and BCU (battery control unit). Most important to this project will be the battery parameters such as state of charge and state of health of the battery. The battery parameters will need to be analyzed with respect to parameters such as speed, distance, traffic conditions, street topography, load, and weather.

The second stage of this project is to provide the obtained data to the consumers, manufactures, and electrical utility providers. The PEV manager will communicate wirelessly with centralized sever which will allow users to control charging time and view graphical depictions of data collected from their plug-in electric vehicles. The server will also allow the smart grid to communicate with the PEV manger for endorsement purposes such as allowing for reselling of energy (vehicle to grid aka. V2G) and to help manage the charging process. The PEV manager will not be restricted to a particular manufacture or PEV model, but kept as general as possible in order to work with multiple PEV platforms.

Project targeted applications: In an electric or hybrid vehicle so that consumers can monitor their vehicle.