Multichannel Wireless ECG Monitoring System

Karl Magtibay, Kathryn Atwell, Kayla Mujkanovic
supervised by Dr. K. Umapathy

Originated and supported by the collaborative efforts of Mr. S. Masse, Mr. E. Sevaptsidis, Dr. K. Nanthakumar, Toronto General Hospital.

In sports that require sudden burst of activities as in the case of hockey, basket ball etc it is desirable and important to monitor the vital signs of players to study their response to physical stress and how fast they recover from it. This information if monitored by the team physio could lead to better plan appropriate work outs that could improve the longevity (i.e. active in sports) and effectiveness of the players. This can also be used to detect markers of arrhythmias which could be life saving if detected early.

The major challenges for designing such a system are the design of less obtrusive but robust ECG acquisition hardware, battery life, and wireless data transmission. The proposed project is to design a low cost single lead ECG system that will continuously monitor the player and transmit the data to a central multi-channel display and storage system. The accompanying software should have tools to perform profiling of the ECG data and extract features such as R-R intervals, periods of activity, recovery times, rate changes over short/long high activity periods, and arrhythmia detection.

Project targeted applications: